Tactical Event Solutions: Innovative Event Planning to Achieve Marketing Goals
Tactical Business Events build enduring relationships between buyers and sellers by using strategic event planning. Pictured here is the An Ji Bridge - the oldest standing structure in China. TES will help you bridge the gap between buyers and sellers by helping you create innovative, well planned business events.

Welcome To Tactical Event Solutions

Tactical Event Solutions (TES) is a CT based event design and planning company which specializes in increasing the value of your company's new or existing business events.

TES works with you as a consultant or outsourced event planner/manager for businesses of all sizes. But we bring a special set of skills and a different philosophy to event planning.

Simply, we want to help you transform ordinary, every day business events into "tactical business events".

What Is A Tactical Business Event?

Regular business events are consumed by the "process" (booths, badges, venues, attendance, parties, signage, etc.).

Tactical Business Events are driven by the marketing goals and objectives they accomplish, and evaluated by the quality of the relationships they deliver. (learn more)

You get to choose! With normal business events, you shake 200 hands, toss out a lot of literature, and get 100 business cards.  With a Tactical Business Event, you get 5 - 10 new customers. How?

Why Are Relationships Important To Event Success?

Instead of concentrating only on the details like most event planners, TES helps you focus your events on the "big picture" - creating enduring relationships between buyers and sellers. The focus is on creating the relationship which turns a prospect into a customer, or designing an event to find new customers! (learn more).

TES (learn more) was founded by IBM veteran Bob Marchese and has more than 25 years (and nearly 1,000 events) of tactical event planning experience.

Tactical Events Help You Build a Bridge Between Buyers and Sellers!

The most rewarding and profitable business experiences endure the test of time - for both parties! Make sure your are using your events to build bridges and enduring relationships - not just fleeting encounters. 

Contact TES today to get a free consultation on how to improve your company's events to find new customers, improve ROI, and build enduring relationships with your current customers.


TES Events

Do you want to improve the quality and ROI of your:

  • Consumer & Trade Shows
  • Conferences, Round Tables
  • Incentive Meetings
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Dealer Meetings
  • Customer Open Houses
  • Golf / Sports Outings
  • Lunch / Dinner Presentations
  • Business Presentations
  • Formal Business Events
  • New Market Initiatives

TES will help you transform your "normal" events to Tactical Event Solutions. (more)

TES Case Studies

TES Case StudiesSee how TES delivers for clients large and small.

Case Studies:

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Mid-Size Business

Large Business

Free Initial Consultation

In order to help you achieve your marketing, sales, and profit goals, TES needs to learn enough about your plans in order to deliver the right tactical event solution for your project.

The first consultation is always free.

Bob Marchese, TES

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